Your One Stop Fire Department Ladder Shop
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  • We perform NFPA 1911-2012 on Aerial Devices.
    Written report furnished, accepted by PESH and ISO inspectors

  • We TEST Portable Ladders according to the NFPA 1932 Standard - written report furnished

  • We MAINTAIN Portable Ladders according to the manufacturer's specifications

  • We REPLACE Damaged Parts, Worn Halyards, and Worn Safety Labels

  • We BUILD New Wooden Truss Ladders for Racing Teams

  • We BUILD Wooden Replicated Ladders for Antique Apparatus

  • We REFURBISH Wooden Ladders and Fiberglass Ladders

  • We REFURBISH Wooden Handled Fire Tools

Work Performed On Every Ladder
All repairs will be approved by the fire district and or department before work is performed.

  1. Removed from apparatus and returned to apparatus on a schedule set by by both John P. Brown Ladder Company and the Fire Department

  2. Taken to our shop and perform the required NFPA Test of ground ladders

  3. Ladder taken apart and properly cleaned and all aluminum burrs removed as well as grease, paint, smoke, etc.

  4. All pulleys and pawls cleaned and lubed

  5. All guides cleaned and waxed

  6. All Halyards replaced

  7. All required safety labels properly affixed

  8. All required heat sensor labels properly affixed

  9. All required height labels properly affixed

  10. Written report on every ladder, work performed along with NFPA Test results. Accepted by ISO, PESH inspectors

All Work Performed by Firefighters for Firefighters